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Water Well Drilling and Service in Wilton, CT

Do I need a New Well?

A. Call us! We are happy to discuss your current water usage, future water demands and any on-going problems. An on-site visit may be necessary to evaluate yield. A water sample may be collected for analysis
I Know I Need a New Well - Now What?

A. Call us! A trained technician will visit the site to choose a mutually acceptable location for drilling. Estimates are written for review. Once accepted, State and Town permits can be applied for, then a start-date will be determined.
Are the technicians licensed?

A. Absolutely! All technicians are fully licensed and insured. Every employee attends training workshops, seminars and re-certification programs year-round to improve skills, gain knowledge and stay aware of industry developments.
How Long Does it Take to Drill a Well?

A. A complete new water system may be installed in one full day. Weather and geologic formation can affect completion. We pledge to work as swiftly as possible while maintaining the safest work site.